Footy Soldiers


An in-depth look at all things soccer with a uniquely Canadian perspective. 

An ex-pro, artist and broadcaster romanticize over the beautiful game, with an emphasis on Canada, its MLS teams, the Canadian Premier League and grassroots development.

Peter Schaad

Former Westside rabble-rouser and current Whitecaps play-by-play guru/Subbuteo obsessive, Peter Schaad has observed the beautiful game from the booth and the pitch for many years. Although German in heritage, he finds a place in his heart for both supporting Aston Villa, and allowing 40 yard screamers in media matches. Neither very German qualities, but alas.


Mark Rogers

Former Canadian International and Wycombe Wanderer stalwart, Mark Rogers ladies and gentlemen. Mark played for a number of years overseas and beforehand displayed his leadership abilities as English Bluff Elementary School President - successfully creating the schools first "Pizza Day", as promised in his campaign speech. Valar Morghulis.


Jon Rogers

Jon is a former never-was footballer who, with the onset of the limiting factor of chicken wings and pints of beer, turned to the graphic side of the beautiful game, earning commissions from Barcelona, Pinterest, and The Guardian, among others, for his design work.



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