In 2017/2018 ALL IN Sports Talk operated a 24/7 soccer talk radio station for soccer podcasters.

Here are just a few of the many great shows we worked with! Be sure to give them a follow! And thank you to the more than 1/2 million listeners!


Calcioland Podcast  @CalcioLandPod

Calcioland Podcast @CalcioLandPod

World FootBall Index  @WorldFootballi

World FootBall Index @WorldFootballi

The Brewtiful Game   @BrewtifulGame

The Brewtiful Game  @BrewtifulGame

Feuerstein's Fire  @DFeuerstein

Feuerstein's Fire @DFeuerstein

Under The COSH  @under_thecosh

Under The COSH @under_thecosh

Total Soccer Show         @Totalsoccershow

Total Soccer Show        @Totalsoccershow

coaching code with Reed Maltbie  @Coach_Reed

coaching code with Reed Maltbie @Coach_Reed

Yellow Card Podcast  @yellowcardedpod

Yellow Card Podcast @yellowcardedpod

Hands Free Football  @HandsFreeFooty

Hands Free Football @HandsFreeFooty

Low Limit futbol  @LowLimitFutbol

Low Limit futbol @LowLimitFutbol

MLS Aces  @MLSAces

MLS Aces @MLSAces

Future of Sport  @sportmarketing1

Future of Sport @sportmarketing1